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«Seven Feet» Yacht-club

About Yacht Club

_dsc0393_640"Seven Feet Yacht Club" (SFYC) - was established on the basis of Vladivostok well-known trade-union sailing club.  It is situated on the coast of the picturesque Fedorova bay. Seven Feet Yacht Club is the biggest by the number of members on the Far East of Russia. Today there are about 300 members and 80 pupils of sailing school. Sailing fleet of the club numbers 70 centerboards and 48 cruising yachts, with 26 participating in regattas, organized in Primorsky region and abroad.

 1           The idea to start up Seven Feet Yacht Club belongs to the vice-president of Russian Yachting Federation, yacht skipper, master of sports, and the devotee of sailing - Mr. Mikhail Ermakov, who became its commodore.

In 2002 invited by the members of SFYC Paul Henderson, ISAF President 1994 - 2004, member of the International Olympic Committee visited Vladivostok for the first time, when construction of the new marina has just started. Paul estimated water area of Amursky bay and base of the club as a good venue for major International sailing events. When ISAF President came, two regattas were organized to celebrate it - "Paul Henderson Cup" for cruising yachts and for children. The President noted high level of Primorsky sailors and personally awarded the winners and prize-holders of the regatta at the prize-giving ceremony. In 2008 Paul Henderson became honorary member of Seven Feet Yacht Club.pol_henderson

A new modern marina was built to ensure safe practice sailing and yacht moorage. According to the experts' estimation, this marina is one of the most modern in Russia.   "Excellent landlocked moorage and parking ashore, cranes, kit lockers, buffet, café, restaurant and sailing shop. I visited many yacht clubs and would say for sure, that today it is the number one sailing club in Russia. Rather young "Seven Feet" has already become the center of sailing life in Primorye" - this is SFYC's description by Anatoly Kondakov, organizer of "Bank Cup". 

            _dsc2087Alexandr Kotenkov, President of Russian Yachting Federation, after his first visit of SFYC in September 2004 in his speech at the price-giving ceremony of the first National Championship in "Konrad 25R" class highly appreciated the infrastructure of the club. Since then every year he comes to Vladivostok to participate in one of the most popular regattas in Russia - "Peter the Great Bay Cup". 

Principle activities of Seven Feet Yacht Club are: children sailing school, organizing of sailing events, cruising sailing, windsurfing, ice-sailing.


Children sailing school was opened in 2001 on the basis of SFYC. Now the school is attended by eighty children. Four coaches work in the school: Denis Gaidaenko - senior coach, Mikhail Utkin, Kostantin Pirozhkov, Dmitry Samoilenko. The head teacher is Vadim Danysh.


Sailing school has a lot of technical and equipment facilities:

Centerboards: 32 - Optimists, 13 - Cadets, 14 - National Lasers, 1 - Laser, 3 - 470, 2 - 49ers, 3 - windsurfings. Several units are stored in Moscow to allow the picked team of Primorsky region participate in the National and international sailing events, held in Western part of Russia and in Europe.

Coach and Race Committee boats: 3 power boats of "Konrad 900" type, 3 high-speed motor boats "Brig".


Pupils of Seven Feet Yacht Club sailing school win steadily in all city and regional competitions; they make up the picked sailing team of Primorsky region. In spite of Vladivostok's far-away distance, facilities are always found to ensure regular participation of the best sailors in National and International events. Since 2002 our sailors are included into the National junior team in "Cadet", "Optimist", "Laser" international classes. Again and again they win or take medal places in International sailing races in Japan, Saint-Petersburg, Moscow. 

Top sailors of "Seven Feet Yacht Club" junior sailing school:

"Optimist": Richard Khavilov, Nikita Yurku, Maxim Povilichenko, Anastasia Godovalnikova.

"Cadet": Ilya Polyshcook, Dmitiy Levedev; Egor Zuev, Dmitriy Potravniy; Ekaterina Kartavtseva, Eugenia Fedutinova.

"Laser": Konstantin Nosov, Alexei Voloshenko, Marat Akhmedov, Tatiana Kulakova.



Event calendar of Primorsky Sailing Federation includes 27 - 30 regattas per year. 6 events are organized and run by SFYC solely and thirteen regattas the club organizes and runs together with the other clubs and bodies.  We would like to tell a bit more detailed about two major events held in Primorye and included into Russian National and International Sailing Federation events calendars.

_mg_9973_640Every year "Seven Feet Yacht Club" organizes a great international sailing festival - "Seven Feet Cup". There are junior competitions for "Optimist", "Cadet", "Laser" classes and "windsurfing"; international match race ISAF grade 3 and fleet races for cruising boats. Since 2005 races on rowing "Dragon" boats are run and get together about 150 amateur oarsmen.

_dsc6370During 4 years match race was grade 3 of the International Sailing Federation. "Seven Feet Cup 2009" was included into ISAF events calendar 2009 as Grade 2 event. In July 2009 yacht-club will welcome 4 International Umpires, several foreign teams and strongest Russian skippers from the top hundred of the world ranking.

Beginning with 2003 in the framework of traditional regatta "Peter the Great Bay Cup" there is a National Championship in "Konrad 25R" class. The event is successful and is highly appreciated by its participants and guests. In 2008 on Russian Offshore Racing Association's decision,   in the framework of "Peter the Great Bay Cup" first National Championship for boats over 35 foot in ORC-Club was held.

To ensure high professional level of judging and race running the organizers invite top Russian Race Officials.  Every year Alexandr Kotenkov, the President of Russian Yachting Federation comes to Vladivostok to participate in Peter the Great Bay Cup.



Five out of six National Champions in "Konrad 25R" class are the crews of "Seven Feet Yacht Club":

    • 2003 г. - «Illusion», captain Dmitriy Natsvin _dsc6406_640
    • 2004 г. - «Rock-n-roll», captain Maxim Logoutenko
    • 2005 г. - «Forsage», captain Sergey Kurys
    • 2007 г. - «Maestro, captain Maxim Logoutenko
    • 2008 г. - «Tango», captain Nikolay Korolev
    • In 2006 г. - the winner is «Kondor», captain Garik Stepanian, yacht-club of Maritime State University by admiral Nevelskoy.

First National Champion in ORC-Club (boats over 35 foot) is our crew - "Fantasia" boat, captain Oleg Krasnoperov.   

_dsc6069_640Top crews of "Seven Feet Yacht Club":

    • "Konrad 25R" class: Rock-n-roll, Illusion, Tango
    • "Konrad 25RT":  Luch, Vigry
    • "35 feet": Lunniy Zaiats, Alyaska
    • "40 feet": Fantasia, Time Machine, Kurage

Club's regattas

- Vladivostok Cup ("Konrad 25R", "Platu 25")

- Traditional 50 miles race (cruise boats)

- Seven Feet Cup ("Dragon" rowing, "Laser", "Cadet", "Optimist", windsurfing, cruise boats, international match race)

- "Platu 25" Cup

- Ship boys Cup (Cruise boats)

- Double-handed (Cruise boats)

Joint regattas

- Open Far East Windsurfing Championship

- Vladivostok Championship (Cruise boats)

- Primorsky region Championship (Cruise boats)

- Peter the Great Bay Cup - Russian Championship in "Konrad 25R" class - Russian Championship for boats over 35 foot (ORC-club)

- Sails of our dream ("Laser", "Cadet", "Optimist")

- Vladivostok Junior Championship ("Laser", "Cadet", "Optimist")

- Pupils Olympics of Primorsky region ("Laser", "Cadet", "Optimist")

- Pupils Olympics of Far East ("Laser", "Cadet", "Optimist")

- City's day ("Laser", "Cadet", "Optimist")

- Open Junior Championship of Primorsky region/ Far Eastern regatta ("Laser", "Cadet", "Optimist", windsurfing)

- Autumn leaf ("Laser", "Cadet", "Optimist")

- End of season ("Laser", "Cadet", "Optimist")


244dsc_7617Seven Feet Yacht Club has a kite-surf-station "Zero wind zone", where all those who wish, can gain windsurfing and kite-surfing skills. Usually it is about 30 people per summer.

Members of "Zero wind zone" regularly take part in National and international windsurfing and kite-surfing competitions in Japan, China, Viet Nam, Philippines, Taiwan.  

Seven Feet Yacht Club was the first to start the revival of ice-sailing in Primorye.                   There is an ice-sailing school for children and adult's club. In 2006 a pupil of SFYC's sailing school for the first time participated in the National Ice Optimist Championship in Siberia. Next year two young sportsmen started in the National Championship and one of them Nazar Panin became third prize holder. In November 2008 Anton Didenko young Primorsky ice-sailor for the first time won Russian Champion in "Ice Optimist" and Yuriy Sukharev took 3rd place in "DN" class.

In 2004 SFYC and sail making company "UK Halsey Sailmakers Hong Kong LTD." after five years of cooperation signed dealers agreement. f17_640Seven Feet Yacht Club became an official representative of this company on the Far East of Russia. SFYC also has its own sail making loft and a repair shop.

In 2001 Russian Yachting Federation authorized the development of "49er" class to Seven Feet Yacht Club. "49er" is one of the youngest Olympic classes and at that moment was absolutely unknown to the Russian sailors. The team of Ilya Ermakov and Maxim Logutenko started to learn how to sail "49er" in December 2001 in Australia. During very short time they managed to sail it rather well and began to participate in the international regattas in Australia and Europe. In 2002 the crew was included into National team for Olympic classes.  Their best achievement is 3rd place in "Sail Melbourne International 2004" - ISAF grade1 event.  Later the crew of Alexei Kulakov and Alexandr Gaidaenko continued the development of "49er" in Primorye and in 2008 they became number three at Russian National Championship.