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«Seven Feet» Yacht-club

About Yacht Club

Seven Feet Yacht Club (SFYC) was established in 2000 on the basis of small Vladivostok sailing club. Now it is one of the biggest in the Far East of Russia. There are about 300 members and 100 pupils of sailing school.

Sailing season in Vladivostok lasts about 5 months – May – beginning of October.

We organize up to 20 events per year including ice-sailing.

The rule of the club is to have more sailing yachts than motorboats in the marina.

Thus more than 70 sailing cruising yachts are moored or stowed on cradles in the yacht-club. Among them are 25 – 50 foot Yamahas, Beneteaus, Farrs, Dehlers, Dufours etc. A large monotype fleets of Konrad 25Rs and Platus 25, which are  the most active racers in our region.

The commodore of Seven Feet Yacht Club and its founder Mr. Mikhail Ermakov is an active sailor, yacht skipper and owner and the vice-president of Russian Yachting Federation. His main idea of existing the club is having a junior sailing school.

Sailing school (for children)

There is a sailing school attended by the local children of 8 – 21 years old. They sail Optimists, Cadets, Lasers, 420s and 29ers. The school works round the year: training on the water and competing in the events from May till October; gym, swimming pool and class-room lessons in cold season. Also Ice Optimist and DN International for those who can’t wait till the ice melts and would like to sail also on the skates. 

Sailing school (for adults)

There is a big union of adult sailors - members of the club. They take part in the sailing events and other activities of Seven Feet Yacht Club.

We organize sailing courses also for the adult people who would like to start sailing. They can take a course of theoretical and practical lessons as crew members. Also they can start learning to be qualified as a skipper one day.

Club premises and facilities:

We are fully equipped for holing any kind of sailing or rowing competition or festival, exhibition, social event:

  • 3 ramps
  • stationary crane capacity of 5 ton
  • car park
  • 100 berths on the water
  • 200 on the shore parking lots
  • 150 aqua bikes parking lot
  • first class restaurant
  • pub
  • summer cafe
  • wooden plaza

Sailing boats:

160 centerboards: Optimists, Cadets, Lasers, 420s, 29ers. 

over 70 cruising / racing boats: 25 – 50 feet

Sailing events

Every season SFYC organizes 10 events for junior sailors and 12 events for adults including match race, keelboats’ fleet race, offshore race and double-handed. We also run a couple of ice-sailing competitions in winter when the bay is covered with the ice.

In July 2015 we hosed and organizied ISAF Nations Cup Grand Final which is the most highly ranked event by now in the history of the club. 

One of the favourite competitions is Peter the Great Bay Cup - National Championship in Konrad 25R class. The event has almost 30 years of history and SFYC has been orgainizing it for 16years with the competitors coming from all over Russia. 

The pearl of sailing season in Vladivostok is Seven Feet Cup. Its a big festival which includes rawing competitions, junoir classes sailing event with team race, fleet race for about 60 cruisers and international match race ISAF grade 2.

Sailors from Seven Feet Yacht club take an active part in the races all over Russia and abroad and partially make up the national team in youth classes Laser Radial, 29er, 420, Cadet.

 The events calendar is here: http://sfyc.ru/regatta/2016/

 Vladivostok Boat Show

Since 2009 every third week of May we held an international exhibition Vladivostok Boat Show which is a great start of the season.

Please look here for more details: http://expo.sfyc.ru

 Visiting Seven Feet Yacht Club

Now with the new Porto Franco rules we welcome foreign yachts to stay in the club’s marina. The club provides all the necessary facilities such as fresh water, electricity and oil supply as well as agenting assistance.

If you are planning to visit Vladivostok by a boat, please, contact Ilya Ermakov at (для отображения адреса необходимо включить JavaScript) or by mobile: +79841997888.