«Seven Feet» Yacht-club
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«Seven Feet» Yacht-club



International match race Grade 2 "Seven Feet Cup" in Vladivostok, Russia will see the finals tomorrow. 88 matches were sailed during 3 racing days with weather ranging from sunny to rainy, from zero to strong winds sending the whole course very close to the shore.

After the round-robin the 12 skippers were ranked as:


  • 1. Andrew Arbuzov Russia 9 wins
  • 2. Takumi Nakamura Japan 9 wins
  • 3. Sergey Musikhin Russia 8 wins
  • 4. Manuel Weiller Spain 8 wins
  • 5. Ilya Ermakov Russia 6 wins
  • 6. Natsuki Motoyoshi Japan 6 wins
  • 7. Kan Yamada Japan 6 wins
  • 8. Eugeniy Nikiforov Russia 6 wins
  • 9. Vladimir Ermakov Russia 4 wins
  • 10. Byeong-Ki Park Korea 2 wins
  • 11. Alexei Mihkailov Russia 2 wins
  • 12. Katerina Kytovay Russia 0 wins


The first 6 formed the quarter-final which was another round-robin. Two flights were held on 17th evening and the rest 3 left for today. Matches of the first flight were sailed with the wind dying followed by the pause of 2 hours. Then it blew from the other direction but quite shifty making it difficult for the sailors. One more flight and it changed again becoming more or less stable for some more matches.


Takumi Nakamura won all his matches and got the right to choose an opponent for the semi-final - Sergey Musikhin. Manuel Weiller and Andrew Arbuzov made up the second semi-final. After quick drawing on water and short preparations the Race Committee signaled the first flight of the semi-final. Finalists were known in one and a half hour. Nakamura and Weiller beat their rivals 3:0. It was a close sailing with many flags shown by the umpires and many penalties given.


Tomorrow we'll know the name of the winner of "Seven Feet Cup 2009".

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