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«Seven Feet» Yacht-club

The Math-race participants: “Kyeong Nam” team, South Korea.

The first team for the Seven Feet Cup 2010 has arrived in Vladivostok. Introducing the “Kyeong
Nam” team from South Korea.
Kyeong Nam is the district near Busan, which is represented by the team. All the crew
members sail dinghies and constantly participate in different competitions; however, they rarely
compete as a single team. So their highest achievement for now is 2nd place at the ISAF grade
3 international regatta Bahrein Kingdom's Cup. The team’s leader, Jeong Woo Geon is the
director of the Korean Sailing Federation and the professor of Gyeongsang State University.
Park Byeong Ki, the skipper, is for the 3rd time in Vladivostok. As for other members of the
team, they are experienced sailors - Kim Ho Kon (4 time Olympic in the “Laser” class), Youn
Hae Kwan, Kim Hyeong Do.

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