«Seven Feet» Yacht-club
Морские путешествия
Паруса детства
Выставка Vladivostok Boat Show
Кубок Залива Петра Великого
Паб Старый капитан
Ресторан Семь футов
«Seven Feet» Yacht-club

"Кубок 7 футов" в классе буеров "DN" и "ОЛ"

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"Кубок 7 футов" в классе буеров "DN" и "ОЛ"


1. Pepper, 07.05.2016, 15:00
Now, I’m not saying that Geneva is a spammer, but there is definitely something suspicious about someone whose email address is completely different to their name. I can&8#217;t help but suspect Geneva is using me for a linkback to her/his MMA site!Hey, happy to be proven wrong: G, just leave another comment!

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